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Natural linen clothes and home textile made with love!


Insrapition is more than just clothes ...... it's an attitude to life ...... simple and raw! My name is Karolina. Insrapition is a new chapter in my life. We, my parents and I, left our intense and stressful life in the city and moved to a small house by the sea. Now I live in the rhythm of nature. In a lot of silence and peace with myself. Surrounded by nature, you start to feel more relaxed, more active, more sensitive. All the pure things, especially linen, come to me naturally. I really enjoy creating with this material and I hope you will enjoy wearing it. everything that Insrapition sells is made by us, with peace and love.

Everything comes from a great desire within to return to purity, simplicity and gentleness. All Insrapition clothes are born surrounded by nature, centuries-old spruce and long-lived flowers ...... inspired by flowing streams and fresh air, full of pure love and tender care. These clothes are not about fashion, but more about lifestyle. It's about the balance between the city and nature. My goal is to give a sense of freedom and calm, a sense of nature.

Company Name: Shenyang Qianxiaoyi E-Commerce Co., Ltd.


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